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Today's Headlines and News of Rajasthan

Events, Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan (September - October)

Matasya Festival, Alwar
saturday-sunday, 12-13 october, 2013
The Alwar district's Matsya Utsav showcase its rich cultural heritage and colourful traditions. Exhibitions, competitions, traditional games and tours will be organised during the festival.

An archaeological heritage exhibition in the City Palace Museum, a photography competition at the Information Centre, and a slide show on the Matsya region would be held during the two days.

Dussehra Mela, Kota
Saturday to monday 12-14 october, 2013
Dussehra is the beloved festival that is celebrated almost all over India but Dussehra in Kota certainly sets it apart with 75 feet tall effigies of the demons Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnath that are burnt here on Dussehra day.
Villagers dress themselves in colorful dresses and offer prayers to Lord Rama. There is a dazzling procession that mesmerizes the onlookers that come here from the surrounding villages and provide a ripe opportunity for the traders to display their wares. Cultural Programmes are organized and one can see the scintillating performances by the prominent artistes who come here from all over the country.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur
Thursday, October 01, 2009
The Rajasthan International Folk Festival showcases the vitality, colour and energy of Rajasthani culture with a host of live performances in the stunning surroundings of Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Fort.

The huge Mehrangarh Fort stands 400 feet above the skyline of Jodhpur and is a truly breathtaking festival setting. Traditional Rajasthani folk, jazz and gypsy dance music feature on the Rajasthani International Folk Festival evening programme.

Vocal recitals, folk mornings and dawn and sunset devotional concerts complete the performance schedule of this memorable event.

Marwar Festival, Jodhpur
thursday-friday, October 17-18, 2009
Marwar Festival of Jodhpur, Rajasthan was originally known as the Maand Festival. The festival is held in the month of Ashwin. Ashwin is a Hindu month between September-October. The Marwar festival in Jodhpur, India is celebrated during the full moon of Sharad Poornima. It goes on for two days.

The main attraction of this festival is the folk music centered on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan's rulers. The music and dance of the Marwar region is the main theme of this festival. The folk dancers and singers assemble at the festival and provide lively entertainment.

Among other attractions at the festival, is the camel tattoo show and polo. The venue of this festival includes the famous Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore and Mehrangarh Fort.

Kolayat Fair (Kapil Muni Fair), Bikaner
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Kolayat Fair is the largest cattle fair of Bikaner district in Rajasthan. People from far and wide come to trade buffaloes, horses, camels and cattle. Apart from this, a large number of pilgrims also arrive in the district to visit town's lake for spiritual purposes.

Although people visit this holy lake throughout the year, but the most auspicious occasion is Kartika Poornima, the full-moon day of the Kolayat Fair.

Camel Fair, Pushkar
Wednesday to Thursday, november 9-17, 2009
The Pushkar Camel Fair of Rajasthan a unique fair with no other equals. The venue of the fair is Pushkar in Rajasthan. Hoards of people from all of the rural India swarm the fair with their camels and cattle. The Pushkar Camel Fair goes on for a number of days with activities ranging from live the fair with their camels and cattle.

Every ingredient that makes Rajasthan a distinct place can be spotted in the fair including men dressed in colorful traditional clothes, women in mirrored skirts and vivid shawls, embroidered clothes, exquisitely designed jewelry, pots and ornaments.